Friday, February 16, 2024

Stories From The Lingerie Store


I believe most of my readers are aware that I work part-time at my Mall’s Soma Intimates Store. The store specializes in lingerie, especially bras and panties. Our products differs from Victoria’s Secret in quality and customer support. No pun intended, in that we specialize in measuring and fitting for your correct bra size. I love my time there, although hard work, it is interesting and fun. It is truly a women’s enclave and my team (all women) accept me. It is a fun place to work. 

"All dressed up and someplace to go", a day or so a week.    

Soma's Vanishing Edge (VE)
Panty Trays and Cabinet.
A few evening back I witnessed a touching emotional moment. It was 7:45, about 15 minutes before closing and the dreaded last-minute shopper arrived. Oh no, will we get to close on time? I was tired. 

The two were likely the mother and teen. I am being ambiguous in just  stating "teen" because I could not determine the gender. The age I am guessing is about 16, the gate male, the chest flat, the clothing androgynous, the face beautifully smooth, and hair was pulled back in a low, long ponytail; very cute. 

The teen held back in the store at first not accompanying the mother to the changing room; although retrieving several items for her to try. The teen's fitting room comfort level and trips seemed to increase as the shopping continued. They were the only ones left shopping.  

Closing time was very near, and as a hint we turn off the store's Muzak; a subtle reminder.  I always check on customers in the back changing rooms (there are doors) and ask, “Is there anything you need?” On one of my trips, I was somewhat taken back to see the two having an emotional moment in the hall with her hugging and holding her teen. I did not intrude on that private moment. 

Just a few minutes after our normal closing, the mother and teen emerged. She liked her dress so much (yes we have lounge dresses), she was wearing it and gave me the tag to check her out. Also, she was purchasing six beautiful panties in various styles and colors.  As I was scanning, checking her out, and placing the panties in a bag, there was another emotional moment with an extended hug. 

Likely the panties were for the teen son.  Remaining professional through the process there was still an emotional tear in my eye as well. In retrospect, I had a front row to a mother's unconditional love. That moment made my evening / week. 

Stay tuned for more "Stories From The Lingerie Store".  


  1. Beautiful...story brought tears to my eyes

  2. Such a lovely moment to end the day.

  3. Great story. Looking forward to future installments!


  4. WONDERFUL Story. As Stana stated looking forward to future adventures of the TEEN and supportive MOM.

    1. I do hope they come back. We can only imaging how much something like this would have made us feel as a teen.

  5. Rhonda, Beautiful story! Soma is a wonderful place. Ten years ago I frequently shopped, in both modes, to begin building what is now my normal undergarment drawer. Let's just say I have everything I need, but I felt a recent need for an immersive lingerie shopping experience. Off to Soma and all I can say is I walked away with a bag full of the perfect bras and panties and much more importantly, a giant smile on my face. Happy for you and happy for these beautiful human beings you posted about.

  6. Rhonda, what an absolutely wonderful story! Really speaks to the heart. I can't wait to read more of your stories.