Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Holiday Cookie Exchange


Linda's and Barry's Holiday Breakfast and Cookie Exchange

It is amazing that when you get out (Escape) that your friends multiply and acceptance provides so many fun opportunities. A wife from my car club hosted, "A Holidays Woman's Breakfast and Cookie Exchange". Surprised by the invitation, I called and ask if the e-mail list had maybe been mixed-up.  "No mix-up, please come" was my answer."  I did know several from the Car Club and made many new friends that morning. 

We all were instructed to bring two trays; one with 36 cookies to eat / share and another tray to take cookies home. I followed the instructions and baked a full sheet of oatmeal / raisin cookies. There were two long table filled with beautifully decorated cookies. 

It is my understanding that many of the cookies that were left went to retirement / care  facilities.  I had to go to work after the exchange and the whole store ate cookies for the rest of the day.  

I waited on posting this event until Linda shared the group photo. There are times that only the photo reminds me I was not dreaming. Years back, i could have only fantasied about "Escapes" like this one and the acceptance. Yes, people are open / accepting and being out adds so much our lives. 

Thank you Linda and Barry for the invitation.  Life is to be enjoyed; ESCAPE!       



  1. Certainly! Here's an edited version of your text:

    "I am a longtime reader of your blog, and you have been a big influence on my journey. The blog offers varied and constructive advice. Throughout the years, you have mentioned different aspects of your past. However, I'd like to know all about your escape, your decision to finally be who you are. It would be nice if you could write a biography. Alternatively, a few blog posts about your interesting life might benefit those who are struggling. If you're not up for the major task of a biography, perhaps some block posts could be considered."

    Paula G

  2. Your Escape is saying the same thing as Stana's article today. Those of us who do not take the opportunity to experience every day life as a woman are really missing out-emily