Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Feminine Differential - Holiday Fashions Part 2


I got so many complements on this outfit even though I was a holiday "day late" for the Palm Beach Colony's Thursday night gathering.    

TEMU - Heart Pattern Crew Neck
$13.89 - Free shipping
This is my Temu "Heart Pattern Crew Neck Casual Long Sleeve Drop Shoulder Sweater".  It was so much fun the wear and attracted a good amount of attention. What I did not like was how boxy it looked. It is too late to order a smaller size. 

Although it was a good length that worked with the leggings. I guess a reasonable / important trade-off.
With the sweater I wore Amazon's "Jockey Women's Performance High Waisted Brushed Legging". These are truly high wasted and on my short torso nearly came up the bottom of my bra; plus super tight on the legs and ankle. They are not sheer and provide great coverage / shaping.  

I hope to get one or more wearing with this sweater pairing it with casual jean before storing until next season.  South Florida has been having an unusually cool January/February, so many of my rarely worn sweaters have seen several outing this season. A fun differential for us. However, not for the snowbirds that anticipate our tropical days and nights.   

Be bold in your "Escapes" and wear what makes you happy. When someone looks, smile.  A smile communicates that you are OK with being your true / visible self.    

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