Friday, March 1, 2024

Genders Have 'Distinct Brain Patterns'...

 Which May Explain Behavior, Study Finds

Story by Richard Burkard

My Note: I believe that all of us agree that the these findings. The causation of our dichotomy is the question.


Many ministers and marriage counselors have claimed it for decades. Now scientists say they have proof of it.

Knewz.com has learned about the latest research into human brains. It turns out male and female brains indeed have differences.

“We successfully separated brain patterns between sexes,” Stanford University psychiatry professor Dr. Vinod Menon said to Fox News.

Some people have called it a matter of synapse “wiring” or structure, But the newest study finds certain areas are “hotspots” that have different activities based on gender.

One key area is the limbic system, which regulates emotions and behavior. Stanford researchers say it’s also involved with memory.

Another hotspot is the “default mode network” of the brain, where personal thoughts are stored.

“Our findings suggest that differences in brain activity patterns across these key brain regions contribute to sex-specific variations in cognitive functioning,” Menon said.

Menon’s research team used a form of artificial intelligence to reach its conclusions. “Explainable AI” processed 1,500 MRI brain scans and found subtle differences between males and females 90% of the time.

Menon told The Daily Telegraph in Britain that one major goal of the research was to find how much gender affects “human brain development, in aging and in the manifestation of psychiatric neurological disorders.”

For instance, studies show females are twice as likely as males to have clinical depression. But males are more likely to become alcoholics or have drug dependencies.

The new study chooses not to wade into the debate over transgender people. According to SciTechDaily, the researchers say they did not explore whether gender differences develop in a child’s earliest years. [My theory - absolutely. Early hormone exposure (pre-natal) can and does influence brain development.] 

Faith-based groups have promoted a difference in male and female brains for a long time. 

A Focus on the Family article in 2001 cited studies that found “human male brains are, on average, approximately 10 percent larger than female brains.

“Certain brain areas in women, however, contain more nerve cells,” it added.

Details on the Stanford study are in the Tuesday, February 20 edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

But Fox News summed it up with this quote from Menon: the genders have “distinct brain organization patterns.”

That could mean the classic book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus finally has scientific support.

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