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10 Lies People Believe About Transgender People


Geek For The Win
Story by Steve Adcock 2/20/2024

My Note: These are all good talking points.

Geek For The Win:  Discovering the truth is like peeling away layers of a mystery, and when it comes to understanding transgender people, it’s time to unravel the misconceptions that often cloud our perspectives.

There are common untruths that persist about transgender individuals, shaping misunderstandings and fostering bias. Let’s debunk 10 pervasive lies surrounding transgender people.

It Requires Surgery

Not all transgendered people choose to have surgery. Gender transition is a highly individual and personal process, and it can include a wide range of steps and interventions depending on the individual’s needs, desires, and circumstances. These include hormone therapy and a social transition involving changing their name, pronouns, and dress.

It’s A Mental Illness

Though many assume being transgendered is a mental illness, The American Psychiatric Association and many other medical and mental health organizations around the world do not yet classify being transgender as a mental disorder.

However, they recognize that gender dysphoria, which refers to the distress that may result from the incongruence between one’s gender identity and one’s assigned sex at birth, can be a mental health concern for some transgender individuals.

They Are Just Confused

This may be true for some, but it’s far from true for everyone. This myth assumes that being transgender is a phase or a result of confusion. Most transgender people have a clear and consistent understanding of their gender identity.

It’s Just A Fad or Trend

Some people mistakenly believe that being transgender is a recent trend. Gender diversity has existed throughout history and across cultures. While it may get more media attention now, evidence shows it’s not just a recent trend.

They Want Attention

Some outspoken transgender people may indeed want attention, but that’s far from the truth for most transgender people. Most want to feel normal and resist the attention.

Transgender People Are Promiscuous

No evidence suggests that transgender people are more sexually active than any other type of person. A propensity to have sex is unrelated to one’s gender identity.

Transgender People Are Always Angry

It probably seems that transgender people are always angry or sad. One big reason is that they face constant ridicule and stares in public. That does not mean they are inherently angry people. [How could you not be somewhat angry - the attacks are vicious and want to relegate transgender people to non-existence.]  

They Are All Gay

Gender identity and sexual orientation are distinct aspects of a person’s identity. Transgender people can have any sexual orientation—gay, straight, bisexual, etc.

It’s All About The Outward Appearance

Gender identity goes beyond physical attributes. It is about how someone feels internally and how they identify themselves.

Kids Are Too Young To Be Transgender

The most delicate part of this debate is when children are involved. Some children may begin to express a gender identity that differs from the sex they were assigned at a very young age, often as early as preschool or even earlier. It’s important to note that not all children who express a gender identity different from their birth gender will continue to identify as transgender as they grow older.

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