Friday, March 8, 2024

If The Shoe Fits...

Espadrilles Wedge Heels

I love this shoe.  Several reasons; it is an un-mistakenly feminine shoes of practical qualities.  Any outdoor event where grass is involved will render you immobile in conventional heels.  At an even several years the food  was at at table in a beautiful grassy corner. As I filled my plate i had that sinking feeling.  Yes you know what was happening...

The physics is fascinating:

Wedge-heeled shoes are formed by elevating both the forefoot and heel. The wedge-heeled footbed functioned as both the heel and sole with a raised platform. Forefoot height and heel height are defined as the stack height difference between the forefoot and heel. (SpringerOpen - Fashion and Textiles)

I first got the white (metallic) pair in the center at JCrew a few years back and have worn them many times simply from a comfort prospective. The black pair go with everything, especially wide palazzo pants. They are from Amazon (Women's Platform Espadrilles Wedge Sandals). If you are going to have only one pair, the black should be the one. 

Pair number three is from JC Penny.  Who knew they were still around? (Style Charles Women's Sallie Slip-On Shoe). Penny's does have all three colors if you want the collection.

Interesting, all three pair, completely different stores, are from the same manufacturer. They all have the exact same unique sole pattern. Plus they were of varying prices with range ($50.00 to $79.00).  

As age limits my heel height, wedge heels are stylish and a great alternative to stilettos. Three inch or 7.5cm seems to be safe upper limit.  These are listed as "Shoe Heel Height: 3 3/4 Inches", although most all Espadrilles have a platform. 

Why do we love heels? "We love what they look like, and how they make us appear taller, sexier, our legs slimmer and our calves and butt appear firmer. They make us feel confident, sexy and fashionable."  (Blog Inner Outer Health)



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