Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Feminine Differential - Chic Jeans

 A dress is not always required.

I know that many of us, especially early in our crossdressing days, felt that a dress / skit was the epitome of our feminine presentation. 

A 1984 Early Pants Look
Although my legs are short they do have an athletic feminine look especially when I add heels. "Oh my, you must spend hours at the gym working your legs"; not. 

In spite of my athletic legs I have always enjoyed dresses / skirts, even sometimes receiving completes. However, after trying dressy white pants, I understood the appeal.  

One big advantage; with dresses / skirts I wore hose and I skipping this step with pants is enjoyable especially during the Florida summers.  

I also noticed that blending-in was little easier. I observed that dresses were starting to be more formal (event-wear) and skirts were becoming business formal (meetings). I believe "Business Casual" is what hastened the demise of dresses and skirts.

Above are two jeans / pants looks: Enjoy.  


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