Friday, March 29, 2024

Gender Inclusive Sneakers?

Superga, Gender Inclusive, 2790 Platform Sneaker

What is gender inclusive clothing?

It is a slightly older term that indicates that a garment or clothing line is intended to be worn by anyone across the gender spectrum. Unisex clothing is frequently described as gender inclusive. It often indicates a fit that is accommodating for different body types due to the clothes' shapes. Katherine Plumhoff - PowerToFly

My Note: Yes, Nordstrom's advertised these as "Gender Inclusive". If you are looking for permission to wear and enjoy these cute shoes, permission granted. Thank you Nordstrom.  What will be next; 3"  Gender Inclusive high heels? 

I own these and love the look and comfort. Getting the right size is important. Otherwise they will slip at the heel.  Several reviews pointed this out.  


"Give your footwear collection a head-turning boost with this versatile platform sneaker featuring a textured toe bumper and a durable rubber sole. Unisex: Built on a unisex shoe construction; signature full fit. Packaging reflects women's & men's shoe sizes. 1 1/2 heel."



See also Nordstrom's: Gender Inclusive Lucille Raw Ruffle Strapless Gown ($5,990.00)
"A fitted bodice balances the voluminous skirt of this strapless gown lined with columns of raw-edge ruffles that will fray over time to create a unique look."

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  1. I say wear the shoe that fits. All my shoes and boots are women’s. I have a narrow foot and women’s size 10.5 - 11 fit me perfectly.