Friday, March 22, 2024

Trace Lysette on 'Monica

 A New Era for Trans Actors in Film

What's up, everybody?! Scott here. Watch my heart-warming chat with my good friend  @tracelysette  from my own backyard! We dived deep into her latest film, 'Monica,' where Trace delivers an incredibly raw and standout performance that you absolutely need to see.

We talked about everything - from the emotional depth Trace brought to her character, to the powerful story of identity and family. Trace also shared her journey of bringing Monica to life, the intense audition process, and the amazing on-set dynamics with Patricia Clarkson.

With the buzz of award season around us, we also touched on the importance of films like 'Monica' getting the recognition they deserve. It's not just about the awards; it's about bringing these groundbreaking stories to the forefront.

This film is a game-changer, and Trace's performance is nothing short of phenomenal. You'll be moved, you'll be inspired, and you'll see why 'Monica' is a film that everyone needs to watch.

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