Wednesday, June 8, 2016


 California -  June 2016

Last week I had a question about airport security and was I encountering any problems?  I have been presenting at some point on the "Flying Pretty" scale for almost all of my last flights going back about a year.  The photo above is the outfit that I wore last week to California and almost the exact same outfit with a blue J. Jill cotton top the week previous to Texas.  
I am attempting to be obviously feminine but not overtly to an exaggerated degree, attracting attention.

Makeup was ever so slight; only a primer with a slight amount of color, some eye liner and a little grey eye shadow.  Lipstick was just a lip gloss.  Hair was as you see in the photo above.  The photo was taken the afternoon I arrive in California before going to my hotel. 

Shoes were a comfortable sketcher and jeans were my pull-on JAG boot cuts.  Jewelry was as you see; a woman's watch and two rings. I carry a large tote bag that holds my drawstring/bucket purse, computer/tablet, headphones, and wallet/identification.  The tote fits under the seat and counts as only one carry-on even though my shoulder purse is inside.  I have easy access all the things to do on long flights. 

I am almost always addressed as Ma'am and seldom notice second looks.  Just an older woman traveling alone.  This last trip was a little interesting.  The TSA agent here in Palm Beach (PBI) took one look at my ID, as ask if I was traveling with anyone else on this trip - Maybe thinking that there had been a mix up in our travel documents.  I said no and that was my ID and ticket.  In a very uncharacteristic show of feeling, he looked up, and said with a big smile "FANTASTIC".  And that was just the way I felt.


Tote - Talbots Rope-Handle Striped Bag
Shoes -  Skechers Sport Women's Premium Sneaker
Jeans -  JAG Women's Paley Pull-On Bootcut
Top - J. Jill Tunic White, 100% Cotton Button Front Pintuck Pleats
Eyeglasses - TIFFANY & CO. Black Frame TF 2109HB
Makeup Foundation - Philosophy Supernatural Poreless/Flawless Tinted Primer


  1. Rhonda:

    Are you TSA Pre-Check? Do tell us about your security-line and scanning experiences. The few times I've had to fly pretty have been without real incident. A pat down and bra check by a female TSA agent was as bad as it got . . . which wasn't bad. Never a problem in the restroom at the airport (nasty squalid rooms at DCA in Washington) -- the people never paid me any mind at all.

    Lots of T women worry about traveling if they haven't fully transitioned, so any encouragement should be well received.

    Your appearance for traveling is not remarkable, which is great! You look so normally femme!

    Best regards,
    this Rhonda

    1. HI Rhonda,

      Thank you for the compliment. I get TSA pre-check sometimes. I did not pay. At my local airport is not worth it because seldom it it that busy.

      It is matter of being respectful, smiling and letting them do their job. I don't agree with the principal and it is all show but it is what we must deal with to get from point A to B.