Friday, June 28, 2024

Houston, We Have A Problem!


... is a famous phrase that was said by astronaut Jim Lovell during NASA's Apollo 13 mission on April 13, 1970. The phrase was spoken after the crew of the Apollo 13 spacecraft realized that there had been an explosion in the service module while they were about 205,000 miles from Earth and had just finished a television broadcast. Lovell's calm and understated tone in reporting the problem to mission control in Houston has become a way to announce that something has gone [very] wrong.


  1. The issue here is not Joe Biden - his cognitive decline has been painfully obvious to anyone who cared to observe him with an unbiased eye .

    The issues here are the media and political machinery that willfully covered up Biden's mental status, and deliberately lied to the American people; and also the segment of the American people who cheerfully bought into the the obvious disconnect from reality that the media was promoting .

    Now, the same forces that told us that Joe was totally competent will have to clear up the wreckage of their house of cards, and promote some new flavor of the day . Let's hope that the American people have learned their lesson, and, to quote Pete Townsend, " won't get fooled again " .

  2. thought this last night -- but you SAID it.

  3. While I respect him and his service to the country, he is doing us a disservice by not stepping aside for a more viable candidate. Virtually anyone else would provide such a contrast to the lying, convicted felon, cheater, megalomaniac, etc that they would be elected with relative ease. It's time for the Democratic Party to break with the tradition of not questioning incumbency and select a candidate that can win. There is still time to do this at the convention.


  4. to quote President Obama-"when facing a major issue you can count on Joe Biden
    to f--- it up".Biden was always over his head and our country will benefit by being rid of him and his family of grifters