Monday, June 17, 2024

Feminine Differential - Second Look , Dolman Shirt


Back in May of 2023 I extolled the simple feminine differential of a white Dolman Shirt. Pinterest send me links a few days back that featured the look above with jeans. I digress: Pinterest "says I have a good eye".  They don't know how true a statement. 

I found the shirt on the LOFT site, titled "Utility Dolman Shirt (Utility Dolman Shirt)" and at 50% off ($19.99). An easy decision. The material is 100% Viscose, substantial and is not a typical thin knit; it drape beautifully. 

I paired it with another sale item: Talbots - JEGGINGS - HAMPTON WASH - CURVY FIT. (Talbots - JEGGINGS - HAMPTON WASH - CURVY FIT) 79.99 less 50% that day. These have become my live in jeans, with a perfect fit.  

This past week week I added to my bra/panty collection from my SOMA store.  The bra is our "EMBRACEABLE Perfect Coverage (EMBRACEABLE Perfect Coverage Bra), in PATTERNED PALMS NAVY. I had been watching it for several weeks and finally "give in" to the bra / panty set.  We get great employee discounts, like I needed another bra. 

I love working at SOMA, although only a day or two per week.  The environment is completely feminine, and customers are so happy when we fit and recommend the "perfect fitting" bra. Do give the store a try.  We are very open to fitting all. Tell me about your experience. 

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  1. Soma, in Mt Pleasant SC, was the first store I ever went to to shop for my “new self”. It was a 7 for 37 panty sale. The woman helping me asked “do you know your wife’s size”. I replied they are for me. It took a moment to compose herself, but she was very helpful. She asked if I was interested in a bra as well. I was ecstatic. She offered a fitting too. But, the store was a bit crowded so we agreed I’d return tomorrow 30 min before opening for some privacy.

    This was huge, I decided since it was early I could go as Claire. Pure heaven, I was met at the door, my heart pounding. Given a fitting, a selection of bras to try. I chose two and asked if I could wear one out. While talking they shared that WHBM and Chicos were affiliated. I asked if they would call over and see if they would be receptive of Claire shopping with them. Of course they said. I added a bunch to my AMEX that morning. :)

    That gave me the courage, hey why stop now, to walk into Belk and the MAC counter (I’d read how inclusive they are) and ask for help picking out lipsticks. They woman helping me , seeing my shaking, told me it was ok and “just let you be you”

    Returned to all those stores and more as the weeks went by. Dressed like other women in my community, but in heaven. COVID killed Claire unfortunately, family working from home eliminates opportunity to dress. I still underdress and shop in person at soma and keep the awesome relationship with the women there.

    But, omg. The kindness, assistance, assurance, and respect I’m treated with there is heart warming.