Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Lip Fillers 2.0

Lisa At Dr. Pinsky's Office
I have Lips again!
In July 2021, I had lip fillers at Dr. Pinsky's Cosmetic Surgery Center Palm Beach Gardens. Most all fillers are not a permeant enhancement. The quoted longevity for the lip fillers, 12 to 18 months. 

This past week, almost three years later, I had a re-do / touch up.  The amazing part of the first procedure, there was still some residual good results left. Lucky me. See my original (no-lips) post. 

Because I attended a paid holiday party in December, I had a credit with Dr. Pinsky. So to make sure it did not expire I had my lips procedure.  

Many times it is the small detail that make us feel whole and better about our overall presentation.  

With numbing cream placed on the lips, it is an almost painless procedure taking less than 30 minute with and after precautions only last 24 hours. I highly recommend you find a qualified provider and take advantage of this feminine differential.  

Here are my lips before the most recent procedure and I will post better photos once the swelling subsides. I have a follow-up in two weeks.  At that point I will have a more natural desired look. From what I can see now, I am very satisficed with this marked improvement. The photos above with Lisa is after as I was leaving the office.


Several hours after with no makeup.
There was minimal bruising and no pain after.  

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