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Feminine Differential - Capris (I Hate Them)

 Why I Hate Capris (and What to Wear Instead)

How terrible
Of all the articles I’ve ever written, this one about my dislike of Capris, written on a whim a few years ago, is my most popular. 

Today, it’s been read by over one million women. 

And it gets people fired up, which was never my intention, but I guess that’s just the nature of the world. 

If you’ve been part of our community for some time now, you know it’s not my style to tell you what to wear. Instead, I like to give suggestions and advice that help you find what works best for you. 

But the Capri pant is the exception. 

It is the most unflattering, frumpy-dumpy, ugliest piece of clothing designed for women in modern history. 

Here’s the deal.

Retail doesn’t care about women. So no one is sitting in an office, deciding on the next season’s inventory assortment, asking themselves:

  • Is this the best option for our customers? 
  • Is it flattering? 
  • Will it work with what they already have? 
  • Will she feel confident in it?”
  • They are not trying to advocate for us. 
  • But I am. 

The basis of my entire business is to sort through the mess you see in stores and online and highlight the best options each season while providing inspiration and practical tips.

So, today, I will show you why capris are so unflattering and offer better alternatives.

We Deserve Better Than Capris

Why I Hate Capris

Today, to help prove my point, I purchased two pairs of capris. One in denim and one in khaki, both sold as “capris” for about $40 each from a mainstream retailer. 

There are a lot of angry comments about how these are not capris. Yes, they are. They have the word “Capri” on the tag. 

For context, I am 5’10, and I wear a solid size 8. I paired them with a simple white tee, a long necklace, and wedge sandals to make them look as okay as possible. 

I swear to you that these “fit” me. They are not too tight.

They both look so terrible on me; I can’t believe I’m putting these up for all the internet to see.

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