Monday, July 19, 2021

Lip Shape and Size - Fillers

Ideal Lips 
My first real kiss did not play out as I expected. In my inexperienced early teen mind it was everything I had ever hoped. My girlfriend did not see it that way. I remember vividly the comment that followed - "Wow, you don't have any lips!" Similar remarks have come from makeup artists as they described how they would draw lip-lines and then fill with color the space inside the line. That always worked and even in my early Rhonda photos there are drawn lips. However, with close examination there was always a fake look. 

A before with the Lips
 drawn in to create definition

Fast forward, my daily presentation is somewhat androgynous and only when dressing for an event or meeting do I go all in with makeup.  Maybe a little eyeliner, blush and lip gloss for the day time. Drawing in the lip-line and filling it in is not part of my daily, out-the-door, look.

A few week ago a well respected
local plastic surgeon did a zoom presentation and discussed a new (to the US) Resilient Hyaluronic Acidcosmetic cosmetic filler (RHA). The demonstration involved injecting the filler into the lips with a micro-needle. There were startling results immediately - instant gratification.

From another surgeon's site, here are the benefits that can be derived form lip fillers.

Bengtson Center

After a consultation with Lori, Dr. Pinsky's PA, I said yes.  She was competent and assured me that the injections would be natural and would enhance my over all look.  A numbing cream was applied and during the 15 minute procedure I felt no pain. Lori's expert hand worked the four sides of my upper and lower lips and the center cupid's bow. I was impressed with her artistry and professional manner.  Without question this was a procedure she did many times a day; practice makes perfect.  

My big question was, how long will the results last? There is a lot of hype concerning the new RHA filler.  As one site states:
Unlike other fillers, RHA® lasts for approximately 9 to 18 months. Results will depend on the age, lifestyle, and area treated.     

If I am able to get that wearability, I will be happy.  I can tell you without question I am super satisfied with the results and today, I have lips.  Thank you Lori and Dr. Pinsky 

My before and after. 


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