Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Can You Wear Shorts and High Heels?



You must have heard fashion editors say you can’t wear shorts with high heels. In fact, they keep saying this is one of the five biggest faux pas in fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they are entirely wrong, but they are forgetting about these two types of shorts, tailored shorts and silk shorts, that go perfectly with high heels. Plus, both of them are 2021 the most fashionable shorts. Luckily I’m here to give you right and finally show you one of those shorts and how to style them with high heels to get bonus points from the fashion police.

No doubt, the question can I wear heels with shorts is trending on google these days. Especially since so many fashion editors say you can’t wear heels with shorts. But they keep forgetting to add what kind of shorts you can’t style with high heels. Yes, if a slight doubt came into your mind when you read about that rule, you were right. You can’t generalize shorts when it comes to this.

According to Stitch Fix / Style:

The onset of summer often leaves us pondering whether heels can, in fact, be paired with those leg-baring summer shorts. The short answer is: absolutely!  

Venus Striped Button
 Front Shorts
The thing is that most of the fashion editors think about the mini shorts when this question pops out this season. You know those mini shorts that barely cover the bottom? Well, you certainly can’t wear any kind of high heels with mini shorts. We have seen few celebrities trying to pull off that look with strappy sandals and not to say anything more, it simply didn’t look good.

So yes, that is why we now keep reading about this no high heels rule when it comes to the shorts. Even so, as said before there are two exceptions. Two types of shorts you can wear with the high heels. And guess what? Both of these shorts are 2021 most stylish shorts. And what is more, one of these shorts happen to be one of my favorites on the go items every single summer.


Can I wear shorts with high heels?

Yes, if you wear silk shorts or tailored shorts. Again, the only two shorts that can pass the high heels rule are loose silk shorts that I’m wearing with my summer outfit on the go. And tailored shorts that are work appropriate too.


  1. I have worn heels with shorts many times in the past. Don't know if the fashionistas approved, but the guys sure did! LOL

    1. Your legs beg to be displayed. Do not deny the nation/world a treasure.

    2. Yup! Heels and bare legs go well together! The days of Summer are ticking away......

  2. The right shorts, the right heels. A come hither butt and longer legs. Whats not to like?

    1. All of the above - "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery"