Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Jeans with Heels Follow-up - Hello You Look...


At The Mall

This is a follow-up to my post last week: "How Do I Wear Heels With Jeans?" For the above photo I could not resist asking a perfect stranger to take the photo in front of the mall's Forever 21 store.  Gorgeous and Forever 21 - Could it get any better? 

The Coach shoes are my best "walk the mall heels" from well over 10 years ago.  They are so comfortable and so well made that they have seen the shoe repair/recondition shop multiple times. The top is an off-one-shoulder Amazon knit, and the jeans are super skinny button fly Levis.  

The afternoon began with getting my hair done, and then off to the mall. First a return at Macy's, and then an exchange at Tommy Bahama. The above banner photo was taken by a friendly sales associate at Tommy Bahama. 

Next a bathing suit return at Lilly Pulitzer. I love the Lilly store and it is such a feminine enclave with its sea of pinks, greens and Palm Beach paisley. I tried on the super cute dress, shown, and pair of shorts. My return almost covered the two new items.  

Not ready to end my afternoon, I headed to the mall's  Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant. This Friday afternoon it was busy so I sat at the bar. There I had a glass of "chilled sweet red wine" and a flatbread pizza.  The service was outstanding and food delicious.    

After my snack, I walked to the other end of the mall and enjoyed browsing Pottery Barn.  A great store for decorating ideas. Still a country girl at heart! 

Walking back through the mall and to my car, I was so proud of my cute Lilly shopping bag. Not a bag any male would be caught dead carrying - Well unless...

A fun escape afternoon that lead into the evening. Any additional thought on the tight jeans and heels?  


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