Friday, July 2, 2021

Friend's Friday - Connie and The Hair Salon

 By Connie

One thing I've always noticed and envied about women is their crowning glory of HAIR-----since i was young ,women's hair styles have always made me envious !!!  

Having visited a few salons myself in the last few years, I've become quite comfortable sitting in a salon chair and having my hair done to look more like a woman's style--while trying to leave it long enough to pull back for male mode.

I've let it grow very long and found it to be much harder to maintain... After over a year of a woman friend suggesting I let her take me to her hairdresser-- I finally relented and allowed myself --and hair-- to be trimmed and styled how my friend wanted it and thought it would look good on me---- My friend has used pictures of Rhonda as her idea  of how I should have mine styled !!!

I believe the end result pleased me very much and has seemingly made it much easier for quicker prep time for me to get made-up and dressed and go out the door---so happy and amazed  seeing how a hair style can make you look at yourself  differently.

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