Monday, July 26, 2021

A Gender Game For Gifted Guys - Androfeminine

 I came across the Androfeminine community on Facebook.  My first reaction was "do we really need another classification under the transgender umbrella?" 

Androfeminine from Tumbler



word forming element meaning "man, male, masculine," from Greek andro-, combining form of an─ôr (genitive andros) "a man, a male" (as opposed to a woman, a youth, or a god), from PIE root *ner- (2) "man,"


characteristic of or appropriate or unique to women - the embodiment or conception of a timeless or idealized feminine [female] nature


On several of my "I Love A Success Story" posts, I have written about male fashion models who for intentional reasons, are totally feminine appearing. In the case of many of these, the term "Androfeminine" seems to fit. Males that are feminine.
Where these androfeminine individuals choose under the transgender umbrella is self identification; personal. 

We all are aware of how easily Andreja Pejic blended in, modeling in the female sphere. She was an absolute natural.  However she is not a "one-of".  She later embraced the transgender label and went on to transition, which in her case included GRS.

The Facebook community has 100s of photos that well represents this group. They are beautiful and I assume that many are models, based on the quality of the photos. They are far beyond the designation of passable. I think society's tacit acceptance of someone being transgender has opened avenues for feminine men to live openly and commercial viability has ensued.    

Oh to be 50 years younger!  Below are several clips from the Facebook Community "Androfeminine":

Sam Riley 

Kaiti Gramma

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