Friday, July 16, 2021

How Do I Wear Heels With Jeans?

According to Stitch Fix /Style :

If there’s a sure-fire way to instantly elevate a pair of jeans (quite literally), it’s with a pair of femme shoes. If you ask us, heels fit the bill perfectly. They’re fun, polished, and there are so many styles to choose from! No matter the type of denim you’re donning, there’s a pair of heels out there that’s perfect for them.

If you have a pair of go-to jeans, they’re probably skinnies. Streamline this polished silhouette with sky-high pointed-toe pumps in a seasonal color. Have happy hour plans after work? Add a printed blouse and a blazer—which you’ll swap for a moto jacket as soon as you clock out.


I could not agree more. Jeans and a feminine/androgynous top are my every day choices. The shoes, most of the time, are platform sneakers which provide an ever so slight, feminine differential. The same goes for my eye wear choices and occasional earnings.  Am I read? Seldom and most of time addressed as "Ma'am, what may I get you?"; no corrections needed.  

Skinny jeans have crept into every day life and if you are not seeing them everywhere then you just are not looking hard enough.  I have been hesitant to pair them with high heels thinking maybe, at best, just age in-appropriate or, at worst, trashy.   

Best Jeans for Women over 50

I have a hair appointment today at a new salon that is modern and edgy, so decided to trow cation to the wind. I am a little out of my comfort zone, however, getting my hair done does always gives me a confidence boost. I do have several items to return to my mall Macy's so will test the look - plus my confidence there.     

All of the above items are in my wardrobe in one form or another and the only new addition is the Pikolinos, POMPEYA  Ankel boot with 3.5" heel. They have not yet arrived from Amazon and I will let you know how they work out.  A nice addition for that someday fall travel up-north.   

What do you think: Excited to partner your pumps and jeans? Tell us how you plan on styling them?  Heels and tight jeans; A great "Feminine Differential" or trashy?  



  1. Jeans are always good......but... always good with heels....
    Do you have any soft, white, gauzy, layered billow-ee, blow-y PALAZZO PANTS? WITH HEELS?
    PALAZZO PANTS with heels. YUM! check oout the link...

  2. Hi Velma,

    I have several white wide leg pants/jeans and a crape white wide leg Palazzo style. I wore my tightest skinny jeans today - Photos will be posted.

    Always appreciate your comments and notes - Thanks

  3. I think most types of pants and a pair of heels is a very sexy and feminine look. But I'm curious how well even the best tuck works in a pair of skinny jeans...there doesn't appear to be much room for error down there...

  4. Where there is a will.... (you know the rest)

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