Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Feminine Differential - Dolman Shirt


I purchased this dolan sleeve top at LOFT a few days back.  I had in mind how it would look with my jeans skirts or everyday jeans.  A perfect combination!  "LOFT  Dolman Everyday Shirt" ($34.17).  Remember the shoes always set the mood for the outfit; dressy to casual.  

If you are looking for good casual button front Jeans Skirt the one shown above is the "Short Denim Skirts Bandage Jeans With High Waist" ($34.99).  I have never purchase from this company, however, like the style and look.  Levi and Lee both make one very similar.    

The Fashion Trends and Friends blog describes the Dolman sleeves this way:  

 Stripe Dolman Crop
 Button-Up Linen Shirt
The top is more flattering and forgiving than you might expect.   Some styles are great way to conceal a muffin top. The sleeves are loose around the top of the arm and tamper near your wrist, so if you have a heavier upper arm, these tops camouflage that upper arm area. Surprisingly a dolman sleeve top can soften a strong shoulder line as well as strengthen a weaker one. So the shape works for inverted triangle and pear-shaped body types. But I think it can work for all body types just as long as you know how to style your top. Plus, it can be worn by women who are tall or petite.

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