Monday, May 29, 2023

Memorial Day 2023

This day is not about sales on patio furniture, car discounts, or just getting sunburnt at the beach.  Individuals have given their lives to protect the freedoms we cherish.  Yes there have been righteous wars were we defeated tyrants desiring to take away our freedoms. The freedoms defined as "Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness". The freedom to be who we are. 

Let us all reflect on the fact there are political faction ready to limit our freedoms and impune their conservative definitions. Let us be strong, visible and aware.  Vote with your activism and words  Never forget that many gave their lives to protect the freedoms tyrants still want to take away.

Honor the fallen soldiers by reflection on the precious freedoms we enjoy because of their bravery. 



  1. Yes absolutely

  2. As a Vietnam War combat infantryman everyday is a day of remembrance.