Monday, May 1, 2023

Sometime Our History Finds Us.


My First Car

Vintage '65 Impala photo; my first car! This was my senior year of high school and I was so proud.  I was walking through the mall a few day ago and spotted this Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt;  could not resist.  (Chevrolet Graphic Tee).  Sometime our history finds us.  

The Impala had three taillights.  How many 
taillights did the Bel Air have?

What TV star, 9:00 pm Sunday evening sang, "See the USA In A Chevrolet"? 

"See the USA in a Chevrolet"

America is asking you to call

Drive your Chevrolet through the USA America's the greatest land of all On a highway, or a road along the levee Performance is sweeter Nothing can beat her Life is completer in a Chevy So make a date today to see the USA And see it in your Chevrolet Travelin' east, travelin' west Wherever you go Chevy service is best Southward or north, near place or far There's a Chevrolet dealer for your Chevrolet car So make a date today to see the USA And see it in your Chevrolet"


  1. The BelAire had two tail lights on each side.
    There were some Bel Aire 'company cars' that had only one tail light per side.
    Our neighbor had one--he worked for J&J in sales.
    The 'cheapo' version of the station wagon had one taillight per side.
    Chevrolet had several different body versions, some with 'framed doors' and others with unframed doors as the 65 in the photo.
    Why the numerous versions? It had to have cost time and money 'tooling' and later stocking the varied parts.
    I never understood the reasoning behind it.

    I had a 1965 Olds Cutlass--with the bucket seats and factory tach on the dash.--but not the 442 version. I learned to 'do automotive repairs on that car with the help of our 'other neighbor' worked at a GM parts depot, and he was a good source for parts and knowledge.
    He had found himself a 1969 Dodge Daytona (wrecked/totaled) for $600.00..
    He has passed on but the family still has the car--which he restored.
    It is worth a lot more now.

    1. Thanks Velma - I knew I could count on you. My next car - Chevelle SS396, 4 speed. Wish I still had that one.