Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Can Men Wear Woman's Clothing - Comments

Back in April of 2021 I posted "Can A Man Wear Women’s Clothing? Daaah!"  The article I quoted was from a Pinterest link and it had many good suggestions.  Go back and see the article here: Real Men Style.  

What I found most interesting were the comments the Pinterest link generated.  I especially like the last one.  


Chris: I dressed up as a girl for a costume party and it opened my eyes to things. I'd wear a skirt or dress all the time if I could due to comfort. I now have pantyhose and tights as part of my wardrobe in winter. I wear them under pants and jeans for added warmth and they just feel good to me. I will sometimes wear them in warmer weather with shorts to keep bugs from boring my legs. I think you should be able to openly wear some of these things without being seen as girly.

Samantha: Absolutely we men can wear (female) clothing I do agree that some of female clothing is to femme for men but a lot can be used as unisex clothing for both sexes I’m example jean skirts solid color dresses tights heels stockings even makeup we men have a soft side also.

Stephen: I usually wear a denim skirt with a polo shirt on weekends when not working. I shave my legs, paint my toenails followed with a pair of pantyhose and high heels or sandals

LisaP on my site: He has made some good observations, and maybe it will help push the envelope. But, he also repeats some negative comments -- referencing the Hebrew Bible, for example, to say "don't worry guys, you are violating any social or religious laws by following my advice.

Tristan: if it fits, you can wear it


  1. Yes, men can (and do) wear woman’s clothing. I do, and I have no shame saying so.

    I find pants and male undergarments very uncomfortable. I prefer outer garments that hang from my waste or hips - skirts. Women’s briefs and bike shorts are not that different in look and style then the male equivalent, but the women’s choices are less bulky, very comfortable to wear, has a wider pallet of choices, and who cares no one knows what I wear under your clothes (unless I want them to).

    I have been wearing skirts since the 1960’s when my sister would dress me up to play tea time. In the 1970’s I started wearing kilts during a stay in Scotland. Since then, I mainly wear unbifercated garments (skirts) unless prohibited by dress code or for safety. I am frequently told (mainly by women) that I look masculine in my choice of skirts (recently, a “mom” in my neighborhood approached me and ask if I would have a conversation with her gender neutral young adult child to talk to them about being comfortable wearing skirts in public - I didn’t see that one coming….., but it makes me feel good that someone I would never thought of is OK with and trusts my choices). I have to admit my choice of skirts is plain and muted, and nothing en femme.

    Right now I am wearing a grey “modern” kilt sitting in my office eating lunch and typing out my thoughts. At work, some co-workers shake there heads and walk away, many admire my courage and confidence (and say so), and a lot of my male co-workers ask me were they can buy a kilt too.

    Marketing, greed, biases, discrimination, extremism, doubtism, and public manipulation are all very present today and they are formidable barriers to the acceptance of personal choice. If none of the above existed today, I am pretty sure men would still be make the personal choice to be wearing skirts, smocks/tunics, and fancy dresses like they did not all that long ago.

    I predict more men will be wearing women’s clothing in the very near future. Once fashion designers and clothing manufacturers learn that men will wear women’s clothes they will do their best to tap into that lucrative new market of buyers.

    Thanks for blogging. JS - gymswhirled@gmail.com

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