Monday, April 19, 2021

Can A Man Wear Women’s Clothing? Daaah!


Yeah – you read that right…

Can men wear women's clothing? 

Now before you jump to conclusions… Hear me out. 

No – I'm not talking about cross dressing. I'm talking about pieces designed for women… that can actually look great on men too… AND are functional.

Wearing what the ladies wear often…  …does NOT always mean cross-dressing. Some things are unisex (or have a men’s equivalent)… So take note of these 7 women’s items that MEN CAN WEAR (which you may want to use yourself).


#1 Can Men Wear A Woman's Purse?

#2 Can Men Wear Heels?

#3 Can Men Wear Women's Flip Flops?

#4 Can Men Wear Makeup?

#5 Can Men Wear Women's Coats?

#6 Can Men Wear Women's Scarves?

#7 Can Men Wear Women's Sunglasses?


  1. He has made some good observations, and maybe it will help push the envelope. But, he also repeats some negative comments -- referencing the Hebrew Bible, for example, to say "don't worry guys, you are violating any social or religious laws by following my advice.

  2. What about leggings? I'm all in on that very utilitarian ath-liesure look.
    Angel Amore

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