Sunday, April 25, 2021

Rhonda's Political Week In Review 4/25/2021


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    Yesterdays visit to the Aldi here in Podunk NC, was a real revelation.
    Parked next to my pickup was an old Toyota, with the hood up, as the lady driver, slightly younger than myself, stood beside the dead vehicle. Apparently the battery was dead.
    Always the good Boy Scout, I offered my services and jumper cables.
    The lady then launched into a tirade.
    "THIS is the SECOND time I have been attacked by THE DEVIL today!...
    "The first time was when I got kicked out of the HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM for refusing to wear a face mask (I was masked, as always.) and NOW a dead battery!" Besides, my husband is on the way.
    I was happy to hear that husband was on the way, as my mouth was going to get myself in trouble....
    Time to leave...