Thursday, April 1, 2021

Pool Party


My place at the beach just opened it's new pool, hot tub, cabana and community gathering center after a complete rebuild. Many months in the waiting with all of the snow birds (Florida's winter residents) checking daily on the progress. It was with much Covid reservations and discussions, the community board finally relented and opened it last week.  

I have made many new friends there and seem to be well accepted. Several weeks ago I had a lovely neighbor couple over for salad and wine; a very nice lunch. From then I learned that before the recreation area was completely redone, the community had pot-luck events in the cabana's kitchen area.  Dinners like "Italian Night", and "Ice Cream Sunday" delights.  

Now that I have somewhat become part of the "Woman's Group" as my new friend Vivian describe it, I will be expected to attend and participate. Thus the need for a casual "party evening by the pool" outfit.

After dishing on Ralph Lauren last week (sorry)  I did find at Macy's this weekend, on sale (30%), the stripe Wide-Leg Linen Pants shown above.  Although not a big fan of linen (they wrinkle as you look at them) I did see myself in these for the pool party night. I think most any shirt or white top will look good with the pants and I showed the above with a White Lauren Linen shirt. The white sandals are from several seasons ago and are holding up well.  

Sunset over the new pool complex.
Kitchen/gathering area to the right.

This should prove to be interesting as I join in at the pool in my new "Beach Candy" suit and attend casual evening events.  I will keep you posted.    



  1. I've been following you fairly faithfully since I retired in 2013 and I may have missed the announcement along the way, but is there still a "Mr & Mrs" Rhonda Williams or are you living pretty much as your true self now. Regards, Randi

  2. Hi Randi,

    Thanks for the comment. Although I am open abut my activities, plans and hopes there ares some areas that do not venture into. Mainly because I do not have permissions to discuss these and my family members all value their privacy.

    On a personal level I discussed much about my "True Self" feeling in the Tuesday, March 9th post "Transgender vs Gender Dysphoria". I was surprised that if receive not one comment or question.

    Always feel free to use the contact page. I do try and be open whenever it will help others.

    Again Thank you the comment - always valued.

    1. Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude or overstep. I think your post from the 9th prompted my question. Just wondered if something had changed. Regards, Randi