Tuesday, April 13, 2021

I Love A Success Story - I Think?

 Caitlyn Jenner Moves Closer to California Recall Rrun

Caitlyn Jenner


04/08/2021 12:33 PM EDT

Transgender rights activist and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner and her political advisers are gathering at her Malibu home next week to discuss her potential candidacy in the upcoming California gubernatorial recall election.

The meeting comes as Jenner, a 71-year-old Olympic gold-medal decathlete and Republican activist who for years appeared on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” explores whether to enter the race. After batting down rumors earlier this year that she was open to running, Jenner has been taking more concrete steps to prepare for a potential campaign than have been previously reported.

Jenner has brought aboard a team of seasoned GOP strategists. The team includes Ryan Erwin, a former top official at the California Republican Party who had roles on Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush’s presidential campaigns, who is serving as a general consultant. According to two people familiar with the hires, she has also tapped Harmeet Dhillon, a Republican national committeewoman and San Francisco-based attorney, to be general counsel.

Jenner has also been working with Caroline Wren, a longtime Republican fundraiser, and Brad Parscale, a former campaign manager to ex-President Donald Trump.


Word of Jenner’s potential candidacy has divided top California Republicans — with some dismissing it as a celebrity-driven stunt, and others arguing that she would be a strong candidate who could appeal to voters of both parties.

Former Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Calif.) contended that Jenner would be a force given her high profile. In a short race that will transpire over only a few months, Walters argued, familiarity matters. said Walters:

If Caitlyn Jenner decides to run for California governor in the recall election, I think she would be a very formidable candidate.

“She has a name and a following,” Dave Gilliard, a veteran California-based GOP strategist said of Jenner, “so she should be taken seriously.”

Read the whole article at POLITICO.


I honestly do not know what to make of this.   There is no one more polarizing in our community than Jenner.  Still a staunch Republican while that party does everything it can to denigrate our community and take away our rights. Is this a success story? Can anything good come of this? Your thoughts please.  



  1. If Caitlyn is the best the republicans can do for a candidate, then they should go ahead and promote her candidacy. They can bill it as "Keeping Up with the Republicans," and it will make a great reality show (reality, in the ironic sense of how a reality show has little to do with reality). Since her opposition (democrats) would likely not be overly-bashing her for her gender identity, the focus would be more on other issues. Her eventual loss, then, would be because of her politics, and not due to the "evils" of her being a trans woman. I would hope that trans voters would not support her just because she's trans, anyway. It could very well have an overall positive effect for the trans community, showing that we do not all fit into a general perception or stereotype. Personally, I've never cared for her personality, going all the way back to her Olympics days (the accomplishment is all I admire).

  2. Jenner's candidacy is a great plus for us.We know we have friends in the Dem party but to make inroads in the GOP will aid in off setting all of the crap that is working its way in state legislatures right now. Also-when we just attack to GOP they see no value in doing anything for us as we are nothing but an enemy--Emily

  3. Is it better for the trans-community to be solely identified with one party? Surely, it is better if there are also leading Republicans who are trans. Caitlyn Jenner is undeniably an accomplished individual, which means she must have a number of fine qualities including focus and perseverance. If she was the Republican gubernatorial candidate, it would help to widen the normalisation of trans people among Republican activists and voters. She wouldn't, of course, make any headway with the people who thump the Bible rather than actually reading it. Being controversial in trans circles doesn't detract from that.
    Penny from Edinburgh.

  4. Hi Rhonda,

    As a person living in San Jose Ca., I have only seen no way comments. Which Is good for the state.

    Hugs Diane

    1. Thanks Diane - keep us posted on how the winds are blowing in CA.

  5. Check your alignment?
    I am not referring to the front end of your car...
    It amazes me how many person have unwittingly mis-identified themselves, politically speaking, against their own self interests.
    AND YES,
    I also 'dont get' Caitlyn Jenner, in spite of being an obvious person of (and married to) wealth, it makes no sense for this 'gender outsider' to align with the Republican Party.
    Like a lot of persons, perhaps this is/was the party of 'Dad and Mom' and/or 'our church', so it is OK for me to 'fall in line'.
    Never mind learning anything political (or labor related) in school, that info is strictly taboo-- more so than sexual issues.
    But I have seen this before, with my own co-workers, once hired into a seriously good, Teamsters negotiated wage, suddenly become Republicans at the political promise of 'tax relief'. Such 'working class' tax relief is usually about $1.00/$5.00 a week where the uber-wealthy make out bandits. Meanwhile, the dollar has depreciated about 75% in spending power since the late 1970's. That is the INFLATION TAX, which is on all of your money, not just your earned income. Remember when a 'hot', new, expensive, high line car was $12,000? Now $50K wont touch one.
    It is not that your new car costs more, the reality is that you money is worth LESS! THINK!
    One thing you have to hand to the Republican Party is they know how to hire psychological consultants who know how to choose the 'perfect image', the 'perfect face', to run.
    Psychologists have documented this relation to success and 'being handsome, or pretty' never mind being tall, blonde and white with straight teeth, ect.... No 'nerds' need apply.
    If Hillary Clinton had looked like, Nikki Haley, well it would be a different world today. Clinton was just too nerdy....
    BTW, Nikki Haley announced this day she would 'vote for t-RUMP' in 2024...
    Notable Republican image/celebrity political successes are Ronald Reagan, Ah-nold Schwarzenegger, Nikki Haley, and Tim Scott (R-SC). At least, these individuals were not blithering idiots like T-Rump.... They did as the political inside operatives told them to do...

    MEA CULPA...
    Yes, I too have been duped by various and sundry Republican DOGWHISTLES into political mis-alignment in my youth.
    And YES, I got 'WOKE', especially since I have 'outed myself', I know know how the oppressed 'got that way', and I am damned sure I no longer to be mis-aligned with the persons hell bent on retaining power regardless of cost or damage to the republic or its citizens.
    It is never too late to ammend your ways, and support YOURSELF as well as your FELLOW GENDER OUTSIDERS at the same time.

    As for Caitlyn, she did not 'get there' soley on her 'own grit and accord'. Plenty of tax dollars went to her past athletic endeavors to nuture success. No person is an island. Seldom do persons succeed with someone supporting their housing, food, transport, healthcare, education, sports infastructure, ect..
    Whether Caitlyn ever realizes this....
    It is time for Caitlyn herself to 'GET WOKE' and not get used by the Republican Party.
    Best YOU dont get used, at your/our own expense either.

    PS, If you know how and wish to send this to CJ, fine with me. V.