Friday, May 12, 2023

A Personal Announcement - The Red Door

Since 1954 
Talbots Signature Red Door

It is time to announce that I am now a part-time sales associate at my local mall's, Talbots store.  For over a year and a half, I very much enjoyed my time at the Soma Intimates store.  I learned so much about bra types / fitting and had return customers that ask for me. The intimate "Women's Society" atmosphere was always a delight.

Management and customers always viewed and treated me like the woman I am. Thank you, Soma.

Talbots has always been my favorite fashion store for casual to semi-dressy styles. As I checked my closet a few months ago, I found many Talbots t-shirts, tops, jeans, and skirts. I have highlighted more than a few of these items in fashion layouts over the years. Needless to say, I love Talbots' easy casual looks.

On many days after my Soma shift, I would stop in at Talbots and look around for new fashion ideas. In my mall, Soma and Talbots are next-door neighbors. One day the store manager, Tami, said, "You need to work for us; you are always here."  So a beautiful seed was planted. I started about six weeks ago.  

Talbots is a much busier store, which is good in that the time goes fast. We are larger with three registers, have a coordinator that keeps the floor stocked with new merchandise and has a more up-to-date computer custom/checkout system. 

The previous Talbots store manager, male, passed away about six months ago and we have two other current associates that are male. The customers seem to accept this new reality with no hesitation. I am always open about being transgender to management and staff, and there was not one moment of hesitation in hiring me. Talbots lives their diversity statement.

Am I having Fun?  Absolutely.  Not a day goes by that I do not give fashion advice; "How does this look on me and would a different size be better?" We are expected to be more than just the check-out person, but advise and encourage sales. I love the product, so an easy task. 

The female associates are encouraged to wear the current products, "Oh darn - must we". The good news is that we are given generous discounts to facilitate this; nice.  

The work is hard and the pay is still not what the effort deserves. However, Talbots is more generous than Soma/Chico's/FAS. My responsibilities are expanded. Retail is still suffering from a serious labor shortage, but ignore the obvious solution. Our store could use two additional associates today.   

So that is my story from behind the "Talbots Red Door".  Soma told me I could come back at any time I like, however, today I am loving Talbots. Check out their beautiful spring / Summer fashion collection.





  1. Congratulations on your new job, as a transgender woman I was always treated with respect indignity well shopping at the Talbots it’s true their clothes and style are just beautiful, I can also say that I am a just a bit envious of you but very envious go forth and carry our flag Paula G

  2. I shop Talbots. I follow Susan after 60. I love how she dresses. A lot of her clothing come from Talbots. So I have purchased several garments from them. Hope you have fun working there😃

  3. I would love to shop Talbots, but they dont sell clothes for tall women.

    1. Many of our dresses are very long, especially this season. Skirts are midi and maxi too. . See the ".TIERED MAXI DRESS - LEMONS AND ORANGES " Really cutee but to long for me. LOL

    2. I'll try to remember that, but at 6' 4" (without heels) it might not look like a maxi. LOL