Thursday, May 19, 2022

What To Do When You Have Lemons...


Above is a super cute CANVAS A-LINE SKIRT - LEMON BLOSSOM skirt from Talbots.  It is currently on their site and I purchased it in petite several week ago. It is a canvas material, but not to heavy and they describe it as A-Line although I find it more straight than flared. Talbots' description:

Canvas A-Line Skirt. Our versatile A-line silhouette. Made from canvas with a smile-worthy lemon blossom print. Dress it up. Or dress it down.

I am amazed by the combination of tops and variety of looks that can be created with this skirt. A grey, yellow or blue top all wear well with it. As shown in the photo, a denim jacked would work great for those cool summer night "Escapes".

I was also drawn to the STRAW WOVEN DRAWSTRING BAG, also Talbots.  Can a girl have too many cute purses?  

Keep a watch on the Talbots site and store.  They have been having great sales over the last few weeks, so no need to pay full price.  

What to drink - Lemonade of course.

And, Velma suggest: The 20 Best Lemon Cocktails

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  1. Dont stop there, with the lemons.....

    Velma used to tend bar, never 'enfemme', however.