Thursday, May 26, 2022

Katie & Laura's Fancy Satin Panties...

Guide for Men Wearing Women’s Panties 

Did I mess the formal announcement - Is this going mainstream?

We get lots of FAQs from men and women about choosing Women’s Panties for men to wear. We hope this helps!"

About our Panty Shop: We adore the retro style of the '90s-00s classic stretch satin panties! What happened to the Second Skin Satin & Liquid Satin Panties? We've brought them back! Better than Ever! Katie & Laura's Second Skin Satin® fabric is exclusive to our Fancy Satin Panty Collection!

Katie & Laura


  1. i think that it is VERY VERY COMMON for MEN TOO WEAR ..LADIES PANTIES .very well done for talking about this.MARK.X

  2. They clearly are filling a niche when VS went away from that style. Satin panties are wonderful. And they are saying the quiet part out loud, AMAB enjoys panties too.