Friday, May 27, 2022

An Elegant Lunch at a Tea Room

Friend's Friday

12 Lovely Ladies - Girlfriends in Hobe Sound

The Hobe Sound Art Village &Tea Room is located in the heart of downtown Hobe Sound, FL.  This past Saturday my Meetup group "Girlfriends in Hobe Sound" had a wonderful, fun lunch and dessert there.

This was an afternoon lunch event where we had the whole place to ourselves. After, we all enjoyed browsing the art gallery / tea room. There was jewelry, chocolates, and Hobe Sound local art ocean-scapes to see / buy.

Just a few doors down from our tea room there were several beautiful boutiques featuring Florida casual wear.  Hobe Sound, a hidden treasure of cute. shops, galleries and restaurants; plus beach.  See Five things to do in Hobe Sound.

I have enjoyed this group on multiple occasions. I highly encourage you to seek out Meetup group in your area.  A great way to get out in the real world. 

What could be more elegant than a ladies' afternoon tea? 

Meetup - A great way to find new friends, get all dressed up, and ESCAPE. 


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