Tuesday, May 17, 2022

At Work Shoes, The Bane of My Existence


To say that something or someone is “the bane of my existence” means that the person or thing is a constant irritant or source of misery.  The shoes I wear at the lingerie shop (Soma) can make-or-break my day.  

On my first day I wore my most comfortable 3" heels. The ones I previously bragged that I can wear all day - NOT.  I was going to make a statement that I am a "Shop Girl see me walk".  At the end of that day I was doing the end-of-day store cleaning, barefoot; near tears. 

That was a lesson learned.

Tory Burch Flats 

Next I tried ballet flats; no support.  Although the ballet flats did not cause excessive pain while standing /walking all day, they did cause leg fatigue lasting even past the work shift. 

Next, sneakers, which are a success story.  My every day shoes are a platform sneaker that provides a little feminine differential and all-day comfort. Luckily, retail has become super casual with few dress code requirements enforced. This is likely fueled by the readiness to fill positions with any willing worker that has a pulse. My part-time self included in that last statement.  

I am so happy that my existence does not depend on working retail. It is thankless, hard work and seldom provides a living wage. Did I mention hard work. Always be kind / understanding to the retail associates that serve you. A smile and a thank you go a long way in making their day bearable.   

My mall Coach store is having a buyback promotion and will give store vouchers  for older leather "vintage" bags. Legacy purses are being sought-after items that  Coach reconditions for resale. I had one that fit that criteria and took it by the store. 

Yes, a worth while amount was negociated. To use my store voucher, I purchased a pair of  their "Citysole Platform Lace-Up Logo Sneakers".  The fit was super and were so comfortable I choose to size down. Below are my new Coach platform sneakers and the "no name", internet platform sneakers that are my everyday shoes.  Similar here at Bloomingdales

I will keep you posted on the long term wearability of the Coach sneakers. So far so good.  



  1. I, for one, would love to see pictures of you at work, or just dressed for work - assuming you're comfortable posting them. Alyson.

  2. I dream of buying shoes and "sizing down".
    Alas, not in this life...


  3. Also try the brand Alegria. Comfy all day, and my go-to styles include their Olivia, Beauty Brick, Paloma & Starlit. If you're having foot issues, the Olivia has a softer upper fabric but still good footbed support. And the footbeds are replaceable!