Monday, May 2, 2022

A Quora Question - Wearing A Skirt

 If I wear a skirt or a dress everyday, will I get used to it?

Jo Wolfe - At 8 I realised I just didn’t get this boy stuff but in 1960s Manchester of course you just got on with it. For the next 50 years I tried to live according to the expectations of others always knowing ‘normal’ is not for me.  Read more of JO's profile 

The answer:
Jo Wolfe

If you are female, absolutely, if you are male it takes about five seconds wearing a skirt or dress before you think ‘this is awesome,why do men wear trousers?’.

Either way it takes a while to get used to doing things such as sitting down properly, picking things up from the floor, getting in and out of a car, depending on the skirt length walking up and down stairs but other than that it’s fab.

Sadly for skirt wearing men it’s the reaction of idiots that may present a problem depending on where you live, but if it’s safe to do so, go for it.

I’m transgender, when I answered this question originally I hadn’t fully admitted it, now I have and I am so happy.


  1. I'll add - by dressing NOT to stand out, save for being "well put together", people assume you to be of the gender in which you are presenting.

  2. people see what they expect to see so if you are not over the top they see a woman and move on emily

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