Friday, May 20, 2022

A Live Fashion Layout - Evening ESCAPE

 Friend's Friday 

CeCe Dress and Floral Pumps - Photo taken at the Colony Hotel, Palm Beach 

There are times when all the stars align perfectly for a wonderful evening escape. I had worked at the lingerie shop earlier in the day and was not sure I was up to an evening out.  

Happily I did.  Cait and I started the evening at our usual haunt, "The Colony Palm Beach" for cocktails and talked about how nice it is to be out. As the Thursday evening regulars started to wonders in about 6:30, it was great seeing new faces (not seen post covid) and catching up.

The Colony is renowned for it's Thursday evening "Gentlemen's Night" and Cait and I have slipped into the mascot role beautifully. There are always a few civilian women (hotel and dinner guest) and they seem to gravitate to us for conversation. Life is good. 

Caitlin Ann 
The Colony Hotel is a world renowned boutique hotel one block off Worth Avenue.  There are evenings we walk to Worth for restaurants, however, this evening after lobby photos, we went to the elegant Table 26 in West Palm. We have dined there before and are always welcomed. A table in the center, right next to a group of four young women, on the town. What a delicious dinner topped off with an ice cream sundae with hot chocolate sauce. Thank you Cait.

The above dress was purchased pre-covid and it did not fit well until I had lost some weight. I have lost a total of 30 pounds and feel so much better. Plus, I fit into clothes not worn in years. The dress is "CeCe: Cecil Dress" purchased at Macy's at least three years ago.  It can still be seen here although sold out. The shoes are  IVANKA TRUMP floral Pump and provided a great spring look for the dress. The fabric shoes, although beautiful, are not holding up well due to poor quality standards.    

The lesson learned this evening: Never pass up opportunities to escape. A beautiful evening.  

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