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How To Be More Feminine...

 Tips To Act More Ladylike

by Pearl Nash 
May 3, 2021

Being feminine can mean different things to different people because each culture has its own notion of what it means to be female.

In the west, the concept of femininity is tied heavily to gender norms.

Traditionally, being feminine or girly means being gentle, nurturing, sensitive, sweet, passive, empathetic, or devoted — to name a few traits.

As people continue to realize that gender norms are a little outdated, we now think that being feminine is more of a style choice (although positive feminine traits are still good to emulate).

So how do you become more feminine?

Achieving a girly “look”, adopting ladylike mannerisms, and getting in touch with the female mindset can help you take on a more feminine image.

In this article, you’ll learn how to embody the grace, politeness, and competence which define the female attitude.

My Note - Each of these is expanded in the article and I have listed the most relevant to us.  A good read:


1) Take care of your hygiene

2) Dress in a girly style

3) Wear makeup

4) Try “feminine” hairstyles

5) Embrace your sexy side

6) Practice proper posture

7) Cultivate good manners

8) Speak like a lady

9) Avoid masculine behaviors

10) Spend more time with women

11) Read women’s magazines

12) Own your confidence and unique charm

13) Empathize with others

14) Be more expressive

15) Be more carefree.

16) Learn how to compliment people

17) Receive compliments graciously

18) Compliment yourself

19) Work on your social skills

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