Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Bra Shopping - The Soma Way

Sunday, August 11, was a great shopping day at Soma.  Soma is a brand that offers a comfortable line of bras, panties, intimates and has a local store at my go-to mall. I must admit this was my first visit to Soma and have always been hesitant to venture into such an overtly feminine establishment.  

My need to take advantage of a one-time-offering overwhelmed my trepidation.  That day, every bra $15.00 in honor of their 15th anniversary. Who could resist. Nor could many others.   

The store was a mob-scene. I was in real need of a strapless bra with my current one being many years old and way undersized. A fitting today or even trying one on was going to be out of the question. I picked one with some help finding the strapless, nudes selection and got in line which was about 6 customers deep. I have found that women waiting in line are typically chatty and we all talked about the wonderful sale. After I mentioned this was my first Soma bra, they said I would never want any other brand; "They ares so comfortable!"

Soma's Big Day 

The size I picked was my default "always size", but neglected to take into account that it was so old, and had likely stretched. Upon arriving home I was so disappointed; it was too small. So I waited a few days to return it. 

"So honey, what size are you?"  With no hesitation she grabbed a cloth tape, wrapped it around chest and declaimed my new correct size. One more quick wrap and she told me cup size. That I had guessed correct on the first attempt.  At least I was half right.  Today I did try it on and she was so correct.  

This is how Soma describes this service:

In our boutiques, our Expert Fit Stylists size you in seconds in the privacy of a fitting room — (for me at the counter) without ever requiring you to get naked. They are trained to listen to what you want and help with what you need. You stay comfortable while they bring you styles and sizes so you can find your new favorites.

Works for me.  And now I have a perfect fitting strapless bra. Thank you Soma.   


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