Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Southern Comfort Conference '19

An event is occurring this weekend that in the past, I would prepare for six months in advance. The anticipation would build to the point of sleepless nights. There would be four to five days of girl time and seeing friends that I considered family. They knew the real me.   

Now the event occurs with little fanfare. Yes, "The Southern Comfort Conference" (SCC). The conference was founded in 1991 and until 2014 it was held in Atlanta, Georgia. Its importance and the build-up to attending was documented in the movie of the same title. At its peak, well over a 1000 registered and many more just attended.  

SCC - Twenty Years Ago

It was a movement, an event, and bought all within the transgender community together to learn, celebrate, and party. 

I attended nearly all of the years. However, SCC is just a shadow of what it once meant to the transgender community. The reasons; the move from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale; some unfortunate legal issue caused by vendors; infighting between the Atlanta group and the new board. Its largest enemy today is relevance. 

This weekend (August 22-24) it will be held at the Riverside Hotel, 620 East Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. A valiant effort has been made to put on a program of speakers, seminars and events. I hope their efforts are not in vain and SCC is supported and well attend. 

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian

I will be there on Friday (3:45-4:45) presenting for Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, discussing his specialty,  Facial Feminization (FFS). Dr. Mardirossian and I will both be presenting a discussion forum on Saturday Morning (9:00-10:00) discussing FFS. He plans on being available the rest of the morning and afternoon for private consultations. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet and discuss FFS options, at no charge. You can schedule ahead for Saturday by calling Dr. Mardirossian's office at 561-692-4698.   

I hope to see my local friends there and wish SCC much success.  

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