Thursday, August 29, 2019

Why I Hate Capris

By: Megan  Kristel 

Capri Cropped Paints 
The Capri pant is the ugliest piece of clothing designed for women (and men too but I can’t even get into that) in modern history. They are the most unflattering, frumpy-dumpy pant a woman can wear. I have a strong opinion, shocking I know, but I have my reasons and can offer better alternatives for you, so hear me out.

Why Capris Never Fit Well

Capris are a notoriously challenging style to get through the approval process because their design is inherently imperfect. Technically speaking most capris are made with a leg opening that becomes too narrow as it moves down the leg, so they bunch at the knee and hug the calves.

The narrowness of the leg doesn’t allow for the material to fall correctly, so what happens is the back of the pants “collapse.” “Collapse” is the technical term used to explain there is often too much fabric and folds between your back pockets and the back of your knee.

The back of a capri should sit away from the body, off your bottom, but because their design is flawed, it was hard to pass a pair without them looking like a big mess in the back.  (You can see in the photo above how the back of the pant is collapsing onto the back of the leg.)

Why Capris Are Not Flattering 

From a proportional standpoint, they do the body no favors. In all of our style related posts I try to teach readers how to create the most flattering, proportional look, regardless of your personal style, body type, budget, etc.

The capri makes this impossible [a flattering, proportional look] because of where it cuts at the leg, usually, right through the top to middle of the calf, making legs look stumpy and cutting the line of the body at its most awkward point.

If you are trying to dress well, it’s important to make choices strategically. Every piece of clothing you wear should either support, enhance or improve the overall outfit. The capri doesn’t do that because the fit is usually off and the proportion is incorrect.

Do continue the article to review her alternative suggestion and how you can make Capris almost work. Continue Here - There is lots I left out...


My Note:  I could not agree more.  Of all the feminine items I have in my wardrobe, there is not one pair of Crop/Capri pants, with one exception. While shopping in Talbots a few weeks back, one pair of pants was on sale and I was tempered to try it on.  Talbots  Chatham Ankle Pants. First the price was right 2/3 off regular price, second I know side zip fits me well and did I mention the price was right. 

My feminine pants are always either petite, or designated short. Ok 5'4" qualifies me as  certifiably petite. The reason I tried these crop pants: these were designates as women's misses and fell at the top of the shoes line.  Even with heels they were the perfect length.   

The popular slim-leg ankle pant you know and love, now in new trend-right colors. Crafted from our comfortable stretch fabric with a classic side-zip, this ultra-flattering silhouette moves with you for ease, and holds its shape for an extra polish. Timeless and versatile, it's the wear-with-anything staple you've been searching for. 

Anyone else remember when men wore Capris/Crop pants and they were called Pedal Pushers?

1956 Man in Pedal Pushers: Laguna Beach


  1. We called them "beachcombers" here in the Northwest, and yes, my mom bought them for me to wear when I was a kid. Pedal Pushers were women's wear, and always had the side-zip. Of course, I also wore my mom's pedal pushers when I was alone. I have always liked the side-zip, no matter the length of the pants. The clean front is so much more feminine than having a bulky fly right there in the middle.

    I'm having a good laugh at myself right now, remembering back. I played football (partly as a means of overcompensation). Football pants are, essentially, capris. They are stretchy, with a lace-up front, and, if worn without the knee pad and thigh pad inserts, almost kinda cute. Of course, when worn with the hip pad girdle underneath, the pants can show off a rather feminine profile. I doubt that my teammates ever thought of their pants the same way I did about mine! :-)

    1. Love the football comparison. We called them "clam diggers" when I was a kid.
      Gendre Amore

  2. I completely agree with you. I suppose in your case regular length capri pants made it close to your ankle. For the most part no one looks better in capri length pants than they do in shorts or slacks, with the possible exception of very tall and very slim women.
    They are especially bad for men.
    Several years ago, just a few miles west of you at the former Palm Beach Gardens golf course (now known as Sand Hill) I saw my first two men wearing capris. I have still not succeeded in getting that image out of my mind.

  3. Hi Rhonda,
    I have to agree with you about capris.
    Are they not known as "man repellers"?
    Penny from Edinburgh

  4. I may add that several years ago I heard someone note that when wearing capris it looks like you are standing in a ditch....not exactly something that should be a goal of a short person

  5. Although I am very slender, I have a pear shape and do well with curvy pants. I am also fairly tall at 5'7". Capris just don't work for me. My legs look like sticks below where the capris end and my feet look huge! Everything looks out of proportion. I see capris everywhere but whenever I try them they look horrible on me.