Thursday, August 8, 2019


I remember wandering aimlessly one day through a small local bookstore in St Augustine Florida.  I was on vacation and was searching for a new experience.  The bookstore was artsy, eclectic, had the smell of incense and there were crystals everywhere.  Lots of unusual books dealing with self help, healing and creative spirituality. Something I was told was evil, and destructive to my soul.  At that time in my life everything was black and white. 

I was drawn to a poster and then to a collection of books written by a woman who's pen name was "Sark". At first I was thinking it was a children's book, handwritten with watercolor illustrations. The watercolor illustrations and lettering intrigued me. Then her words intrigued me.  

In several movies I have seen where a journey would start in black-and-white and then progress to color.  That is what happened. A world of color was before me and my tunnel-vision suddenly opened up; I saw vibrant colors and possibilities; escapes. I saw an inner spirituality that was different from a dictated belief structure. I was awakened. 

SARK inspired me to: "Do the things that scares me!"

Planet Sark 

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