Thursday, August 22, 2019

Over 60 Fashion Basics

Susan - How a blazer can elevate a simple look
I found this site with great fashion advice.  I especially enjoyed her "Fashion for Women Over 60: Mastering the Basics".  Several of  photos featured my friend Susan Street of "Susan after 60" and this post discusses the following: The perfect pair of jeans; Cardigans;  Blazer; White cotton blouse; Tunic length Tops; Dresses; Sneakers.  

Wow what a treasure trove of photos and good fashion advice.  

Here is a great fashion point in the article: "Regardless of your age, dressing stylishly is all about attitude! Even young girls who think fashion is not for them have a difficult time discovering their true style, and that’s because their mindset is pulling them down".

"So if you’re past your 60's, remind yourself that clothes should only bring out the best of you: they should make you feel comfortable, confident and reflect your personality."

Well said - We all dress for that very reason. 

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