Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Log Cabin Republicans Board Member Resigns

By Jessica Chasmar - The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A board member of the pro-LGBTQ group Log Cabin Republicans has resigned in protest of their endorsement of President Trump’s reelection campaign.

Jennifer Horn
Jennifer Horn sent a letter to her group’s chair and vice chair announcing her resignation on Monday, writing that Mr. Trump’s “regular verbal assaults against women, immigrants, elected members of Congress, party members who do not agree with him on policy or principle and his willingness to stoke racial anger and unrest in order to advance his own political ambitions all subvert the founding principles of our great nation,” The Washington Post reported.

Ms. Horn told The Post she made the decision long ago that she would never endorse Mr. Trump, so she knew what she had to do after Log Cabin Republicans Chair Robert Kabel and Vice Chair Jill Homan issued an op-ed announcing the group’s support for president’s reelection. Ms. Horn said:

There is no world where I can sit down at the dining room table and explain to my children that I just endorsed Donald Trump for president. It is contrary to everything that I have ever taught them about what it means to be a good, decent, principled member of society.

In announcing their endorsement, Mr. Kabel and Ms. Homan credited the president with taking “bold actions that benefit the LGBTQ community,” including his desire “to end the spread of HIV/AIDS in 10 years,” and his international efforts to “end the criminalization of homosexuality.”

This from TheWeek Site:

Prior to joining the Log Cabin Republicans' board, Horn was chairwoman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, and she told the Post she was disappointed in 2016 when Trump did not remove language from the party's platform that advocated against equal rights for LGBTQ people. Horn remains hopeful that more Republicans will start speaking out against Trump. "People have to know, our party is dying because of the silence of those who oppose this president," she said. Catherine Garcia


  1. I am continually amazed by people who put loyalty to their tribe's leader, even when the leader is hostile to their own interests. The current GOP is like a cult, a group of people who follow a leader whether he is right or wrong, whether he supports their interests or not.

    America works best when people selfishly vote in their own selfish interest, and not the interest of their tribes. Whenever a party is put first, bad coalitions are formed, and the party becomes more and more dysfunctional - as the GOP has become in the past 50 years. The GOP was once a party of fiscal responsibility, a party which believed in leaving hands off of people's bodies, a party who did not believe in enforcing morality. Sadly, this attitude is gone.