Monday, May 15, 2023

My Favorite Outfit...


Roll up Sleeve Chambray Denim work shirt,
Talbots Basic slim fit high-rise Jeans, 
Adidas platform sneaker, Talbots stripe T, Loft belt

I shopped in the past to fulfill two basic requirements: 

  1.  Look as feminine as possible to impersonate "my definition" of the gender I was emulating. Always competing with myself to be better.  

  2. To camouflage myself to not be recognized as the other self.  i.e. big hair, high heels, body shaping foundations, and heavy makeup. 

It took me a long time to know it is not about being prettier, slimmer, better dressed, or cuter than the other woman. It is not a competition. 
It is simply about "being" and enjoying my feminine reality. 

Those of us brought up with male privilege know the alpha syndrome is a hard distinguishing dynamics to maintain. Especially when there is a feminine force demanding viability.

Being feminine means not having to make all the decisions. Not having all the answers, and being in the moment; enjoying that moment to the full.  This serenity comes from within and can also be reflective of how we appear / dress.  

It's just that it took me a long time to define my style and quit buying things that hung in my closet. I also discovered that as my level of feminine comfort increased, so did my acceptance. Try it on for size.    

Thus my favorite outfit. My fashion style.  

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