Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Doing A Little Lawn Work

You have to admire her style.
It will be while, if ever, before we have a more beautiful First Lady. Love the shoes.     


  1. "a more beautiful First Lady" That depends on how you define beauty.

    1. Good point Paula - "Beauty is as beauty does." said my grandmother.

  2. Mega dittos on her beauty, her style and her shoes. Amazing how her heels do not sink into the ground.
    It is poor form for so many style and fashion magazines to snub her. Her style and her taste, not to mention her linguistic fluency in so many languages, merit some coverage but the media do everything they can to not present any aspect of this lady in a positive light.

  3. Regardless, my MOTHER told me (as I suspect YOUR MOTHER/PREACHER did also!):
    "You are known by the company you keep."
    TOO MUCH of our societies' population is judged by the 'image'; -now known as 'the optics', not of character or competence demonstrated in that persons actions.
    "An 'OUNCE of IMAGE' beats a 'POUND of PERFORMANCE'". (particularly in business situations) Quote from THE PETER PRINCIPLE a book by Dr. Lawrence J. Peter on why things go WRONG.
    If you doubt this, just look around next time you are at a 'medical plaza' office park and view all the hot, young, extremely well dressed, post college babes dragging the 'roll around' suitcases behind them, carrying 'first line' pharmaceuticals (and bribes?) while flirting with your M.D. Salaries start @ about 85K...

    I suspect we 'have been trained since High School' to follow and vote for 'the pretty ones' who were 'pre selected' by the HS staff for student council, choices often based on who's father was 'owner of the town mill/retail store/factory/bank'. Meanwhile, the NERDS (Hillary?) behind the 'front optics' were doing all the 'grunt work' for little or no recognition.

    If HILLARY CLINTON looked like NIKKI HALEY (she's my bet for the first woman president, not that she is no dummy. But you can bet your last $$$ the psychological consultants working for the GOP had a hand in her placement/positioning knowing the 'the sheep' follow 'the pretties'. If DJT goes down, she is 'waiting in the wings') she would have been elected by a landslide.
    I worked at a place (large corporation) where my coworkers would discuss and vote for a presidential candidate according to which candidate had 'the best looking wife'.