Wednesday, December 6, 2017

T'is The Season - Holiday Party Time

I have my first "Holiday Party" of the Season '17 coming up this Sunday. A luncheon at the Hobe Sound Golf Club

I saw where my friend and her partner enjoyed the Mercedes Benz Club of America, so found a local club and joined. I attended a meeting at a nearby Mercedes  dealership in October and enjoyed the presentation. The members were friendly and welcoming.    

I love cars, interesting monthly events and getting out, so I am a member for the next year with a freshly minted name badge. This coming Sunday we are having what I told is their annual holiday lunch party.  "Business Casual" is the dress code and I was pleased to see that the guys are encouraged to wear jackets and not denim. Business casual covers a lot so after seeing other fashion layouts I have decided on the above skirt and top. The a-line skirt is a little shorter and full than it appears. The Lauren top is a simple jersey knit - neither are fancy.  

I am open to suggestions. I decided on, not a dress, in that although I am in the typical age group of most of the members, I did not sense that the group is dressy. I hope that I am wrong, but just in case a skirt not pants.  

I have several more dinners and events coming up this month so hopefully I will have photos. The holiday time is always fun and provides opportunities to get out, be elegant and have fun. T'is the Season as the song "Deck the Halls" encourage. Even going out a restaurant you can be a little more dressy this time of the year. Plan your escapes accordingly and dress for the season. 

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  1. Hi Rhonda
    Our group in San Jose is going out for a Christmas Dinner on the 16th.
    I think Dressy is the way I am Leaning.