Monday, October 16, 2017

Car Club Meeting

I make an effort to put into practice the things this blog encourages; Escapes. A much as I make an effort, that does not mean that there are not moments of hesitation. I had one of those Saturday. Here is the outing. 

I have a fellow blogger friend and she has posted several times about attending car club gathering with her social partner. The group MBCA - Mercedes-Benz Club of America.  This is how the group describes itself:

Simply stated, the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, or MBCA, is a community of people with a passion for Mercedes-Benz—one of the most revered luxury vehicles in the world. Our community is comprised of men, women and young adults living in the United States, Canada and 22 foreign countries from Argentina and Brazil to New Zealand and Norway.

18' SL550 
I love cars as I had talked about before, so like minds come together for fun. I e-mailed the local chapter (Road Star Section) for information and receive an encouraging note back; A meeting coming up Saturday at a nearby Mercedes-Benz dealership. Offered was a light breakfast snacks and Todd, the general manager would give a presentation on what's new. He also would have his technical and service manager there to answer any questions. After the presentation we would have free time to roam and look at all the new 2018 models in the showroom.  

I attended the informative presentation and may have been one of the younger attendees - well at least dressed younger. I even asked a few questions. Following the dealership visit, I was invited to go with the group for lunch at a nearby waterfront restaurant.  

As I parked that morning and sat alone in my car, shades of “Are you really sure?” came to mind. Answer; “Oh well, why not”. I could pick my participation and if not comfortable, could bail at any point. 

After the presentation, as I was wandering the showroom the group president/organizer came up and we talked. I had already joined the group on-line and he welcomed me. I was told about upcoming events, one of which will be a Christmas party and I was encouraged to be there. (Oh No, I have nothing to wear - not.) Several others introduced themselves and everyone I met was friendly. So far - so good.  

I joined the group for lunch. Announcements included “Are there any new members?” and I was asked to stand and tell a little about myself. During lunch I was seated with a three very friendly couples and all went well. I believe several of the wives were encouraged to have another female in the group.  

My original hesitation was unfounded. I will participate again and there are social events coming up that are of interest. I promise to report more as I attend other events. I can't wait for my official "Rhonda" MBCA badge to arrive.  



  1. I Have never done a Car Event Enfemme

    1. Hi Diane,

      There is no time like the present. Roaming around the dealership showroom was different. But that is a different story.