Friday, October 13, 2017

Fall Is Here!

If you detect a slight sarcastic glee in my post you are correct. I am so ready for some cool weather. Yes the month of October brings a noticeable difference. In South Florida the daily high drops for 90 to 87. We will likely have to wait at least another month for our first cool front and finally we will have delightful 70's again. So why am I showcasing sweaters. I just could not help myself this morning.

I have a trip coming up to the north-west for 10 days so like the look. I am hoping either of these will go with the pink dress pants or for sure, the white pants. Both models are shown wearing jeans which makes a great combination. I was able to order on-line and if in stock, Nordstrom has store pick up, so I will pick up the order there later today. If they do not workout an easy return.  

With all sarcasm put aside, they will be great for the cool late December to February days here in Florida and upcoming trips. If interested the off-the-shoulder sweater can be found here and the V-neck sweater is here. Very reasonably priced for Nordstrom at $49.00 and $45.00.  Both very stylish. 

Enjoy and ESCAPE. 

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