Friday, October 6, 2017

Age Reassignment Surgery 2.0

Before (the day of surgery)    -    After (1 week post-op)

Yesterday Dr. MardirossianI wrote a guest post about the “neck lift” and how it is becoming one of the most popular surgical cosmetic procedures in the country.  I agree! 

Two weeks ago I had a neck lift performed by Dr. Mardirossian. Having never liked my face profile, I am elated. If you look back through the blog almost all of my photos are full on face photos and even if my body is in profile, the face is always turned to the camera. Whenever I would go to Macy's to try something on where they have profile side mirrors, my thought was always, YUCK.  

Doc and I were discussing business one day and ask “what would you like to change”. Almost no hesitation – my neck-line. After some studying, he said “doable”.

I receive pre-clearance from my regular doctor several weeks beforehand and prep was no food or liquids after midnight the day of surgery. I love going into his office because everyone is so happy and the office is super friendly. I had an IV line started immediately and that alleviated the thirst. BP check and I was ready to go. Doc came in and made some marks on my neck; I think dotted “cut here” lines. Next, I walked into his surgical suite, jumped up on his comfortable bed (surgery table), verified who I was and that I knew what I was having done (medical protocol). Something was added to my IV and within seconds, off to sleep land I went.  

A few hours later (two to be exact), I woke up all wrapped up and shortly went home. Although I had pain meds (the good stuff), I only took Tylenol and slept the night through. The next morning Doc checked his work in the office and I rested the weekend; again only taking Tylenol at night to sleep. I did sleep sitting up with a neck/face wrap that weekend. There was no discomfort other than a feeling of tightness in my neck. That is expected because - that is what I wanted done. My body was only adjusting to the improved neck.   

In my case very little swelling or bruising. Absolutely no bleeding or discomfort that was unmanageable. I had no difficulty sleeping, or doing about anything I wanted to do within reason. 

Seven days later Doc took out the front stitches. The rest of the stitches, behind the ear which were not visible, came out yesterday (14 days). I went out for breakfast 4 days after the surgery and had a business lunch out with girlfriends after 6 days. 

I love what Doc did and highly recommend this procedure. How much younger I look, is in the eye of the beholder, but I know that my confidence has soared and that is the point. Something I had wanted fixed for a long time.

I assure you that the above photo is not retouched in any way. The other procedure I had done three years ago was a "lip lift" which is evident in the photos. The lip lift is my second favorite procedure, that added much to my smile.    

If anyone has questions, ask. I am very open and will tell you like it is. If you are considering a neck lift, it is so worth it - "Age Reassignment Surgery". A gift that lasts. Thank you Dr. Mardirossian.


  1. Great job...money well spend...you look marvelous.

  2. Thanks Pat. "There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard."

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