Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Automobile - A Feminine Differential

What a great quote.  But what if you equally love both? 

The guys I hang out with as a teen were into their cars. We not only knew the manufacturers, but the make and could tell you what year. Do you now the the subtle difference between a '55 chevy and '56 chevy?  If you answered yes then you are a car person. How about small block GM vs big block?

Over the years I have owned some very nice cars and at the time took pride in being able to do minor repairs. I have changed my own oil, done brake jobs, and tune-ups. - Remember those? 

However one's view of the automobile definitely falls into the feminine differential.  Men and women view transportation from different perspectives. Take a look at this quote from a Kelly Blue Book (KBB) article: 

Men love high performance cars and that is a fact. They go for testosterone-fueled sports and luxury cars and statistics confirm it. According to Kelly Blue Book, in the last few years the average horsepower (hp) of a car a man would buy is 360, where a woman’s preference is 170. Men buy those with enthusiasm even if they are not as affordable. With men, the bargain is not always the ultimate factor when it comes to buying a car.

Even today when fuel efficient and eco friendly cars are taking over the roads, most men still would go for fast masculine cars as they love them. So, why do men love cars so much?    

See the whole article.  Men Love For Cars – desire to control or real emotions?  


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  1. I have a early 1970's Muscle Car & a newer high preformance hatch back

  2. Why does it not surprise me that you drive a convertible?;-)