Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October's First Sunday Meetup Group

This past Sunday we had one of best turnout at our new venue.  We had over 65 and we filled up the lounge room at the Regional Kitchen Restaurant, known as the "Public House" in West Palm Beach.  I have been a member of this Meetup group about 2 years and have become one of the two event host.  I do not have much to do other than greeting and making sure that new attendees are welcome. Sometimes if the organizer is not there I kind of, coordinate.  

Meetup group take care of themselves, are fun and simple. We do not have
speakers, programs, or agendas; other than to network and enjoy the Sunday afternoon with a glass of wine, drink or soda. The group meets on a regular scheduled, second Sunday of every month, unless that Sunday is a holiday. Then we meet the third Sunday.

Here is one of the comments left on our Meetup page:

Thank You Rhonda and Charlie ...... for your efforts which have kept this group alive! I know that it can be challenging as I have formed several groups in the past. Christopher

On Sundays I will try and post upcoming events/trips - Stay tuned.  

Enjoy the Photos.  

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